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The structure of the Italian Harpsichord was thin and very light, rather more like a violin or guitar in construction.  The sound of this instrument is characterized by its strong attack, making it ideal for the performance of Italian music and for continuo acompaniment as well. Its case is light, long, and slender, decorated with detailed case mouldings, and it is provided with an elegant turned stand. The case is made of cedar; the bridge, nuts, and soundboard mouldings are of wild cherry. Wooden jacks work in proper Italian box guides. The compass of this instrument is CDEF-d’’’; short-octave bass with two split sharps for F# and G#. The two 8’ choirs are strung in brass. While not the easiest kit to build, a patient worker will create a graceful, elegant harpsichord remarkably faithful to the Italian traditions of the 16th and 17th centuries. Options include an outer case with lid and music desk.

italian_kit_img.jpg (3533 bytes)

The Italian Harpsichord
has sides only 5mm thick and weighs only 16 kg.

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